Game & Wine Tasting Evening

By Michaela Clarke


Oysters Game & Wine Tasting was kicked off with an Apéritif made by Kevin himself.

Starters consisted of a Game Terrine, made up of Duck, Pheasant and Woodcock or Roast Breast of Wood Pigeon, elegantly matched by Charles Robb to bring out the fruity flavours of the dishes.

Charles described how, “We build the wine up in weight.”

The wine selection started off quite light and as the evening and menu progressed the wine selection became darker and richer in colour with more body – further enhancing the palate.

The Soup Course, ‘White Bean, Parsley & Parmesan Soup served with homemade bread was paired with South African, Boland Reserve Chenin Blanc which went down a treat!

For Main Course diners were offered a choice of ‘Stuffed Breast of Pheasant’, ‘Roast Loin of Venison’ or ‘Pan-fried John Dory’.

Popular choice of the evening  – Venison was accompanied by a glass of Micini Nero Davola, a rich, juicy and ripe in medium body wine, originating from Sicily coupled with cherry flavours and black pepper notes.

As the menu wound down, customers feasted on Dessert following by a Cheese Course with carefully selected dessert wine and the finest port.

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Tonight is the Night

By Michaela Clarke

The night has finally arrived when our diners will indulge in an evening of good food, fine wine and majestic music.

Commencing at 8pm customers will enter the restaurant and be greeted with a glass of our ‘Special’ cocktail of the evening.

The food will then begin with Niall and his team in the kitchen serving up delicacies all evening, ranging from Woodpigeon, Vension, to tempt you…


The evening will draw to a close on the food and wine side with a cheeseboard and vintage port duo to tantalise the taste buds one last time.

Charles Robb, of Robb Brothers Wine Merchants will be here all evening to explain each wine pairing and how it matches exquisitely with the dish to bring out the flavours in both.

You can then sit back and enjoy the superbly talented Ronan Doherty with a share of classic and original songs.

Nearly Wine Tasting Time

By Michaela Clarke

In under a week our much anticipated Game & Wine Tasting Evening will be underway. Both front of house and kitchen staff are looking forward to this event as it is an opportunity for staff to participate in something different, not just your usual service.

Kevin has been busy this week, liaising with Charles Robb, of Robb Brothers Wine Merchants in order to supply customers with an exquisite selection of wine for the evening.

Meanwhile, Niall takes charge in the kitchen of menu matters. The finalisation of the menu will take place this week as our head chef makes some final touches to taste.


**Menu Preview** ‘Roast Breast of Woodpigeon’ served with fig tart, rocket and thyme jus to start and for main you can look forward to, ‘Roast Loin of Venison’ with butternut squash, roast salsify, curly kale and juniper berry jus.

You’ll have to wait until next Friday to find out what else is on!

As our guests look forward to next Friday, we look forward to welcoming you all to a wonderful evening of great wine and fine cuisine.

Our Most Important Customers… Kids!

By Michaela Clarke

Here at Oysters our ‘fresh, local, sustainable food’ philosophy goes all the way.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 16.55.40

Kids are almost some of our most important customers because without kids coming into the restaurant, a whole market is missed out on. Kids whether, babies, toddlers or teenagers are our customers of the future. So off course they should be treated exactly the same as adults.

Our kids menu offers a variety of dishes catering for the younger customers. We include the most loved chicken curry and homemade pizza but done ‘Oysters Style’, all homemade to eliminate any preservatives from the use of frozen produce. Then for the ones who like something different we have a Fisherman’s Pie or Chicken & Ham Tagliatelle, all made to order by our chefs.

There is much more on our kids menu, you can check it out here

One of our latest TripAdvisor reviewers engaged delightfully with our philosophy here at Oysters, they said:

“Tried Oysters for the first time for lunch at the weekend with my wife and daughter. Fantastic food and service. I had the Venison pie, my wife had the curry and my 5 year old , the cod. Great quality fresh produce. Even the kids meal was a high standard, not frozen , melt in the mouth fresh cod. Cant wait to go back.”

Bring your little one to try our Kids Menu for only £4.95 which includes Ice-Cream & Smarties or Ice-Cream & Jelly for dessert.

Weekend Special – 7th November 

By Michaela Clarke

Why not try out our delicious special this weekend of ‘Pan-roast Stuffed Breast of Pheasant, accompanied with Sprouts, Red Cabbage, Bread Sauce and a Red Wine Jus’.

This weekend’s special

Game plays (mind the pun) a great part in the building of a menu at Oysters Restaurant, with fresh local food at the core of purchase decisions, there is always a game dish on offer.

This weekend has marked the return of the pheasant season with our very own Head Chef, Niall Gorham being responsible for bringing it in himself this week. After a trip to his hometown for a round of shooting he has gratefully chosen to serve up his catch for the patrons of Oysters.

Niall’s catch

Where else would find a more hands on chef, so come and show your appreciation and sample the delicate flavours of our Pheasant special.

‘Pan-roast Stuffed Breast of Pheasant, accompanied with Sprouts, Red Cabbage, Bread Sauce and a Red Wine Jus’. £16.95

Burtonport Smoked Mackerel Fish Cake with Fried Hens Egg and Caper Dressing

By Michaela Clarke

Burtonport Smoked Mackerel Fish Cake with Fried Hens Egg and Caper Dressing.

Our Daily Lunch Special changes daily, reflecting seasonal changes as well as providing customers with a new delight to sample each day. We have our staple dishes such as, chicken curry, loin of bacon, battered cod and chips but why not offer something different. After all, this is Oysters Restaurant, when ‘something different’s always the order of the day’.

Our Daily Special offers the opportunity to sample fresh smoked mackerel, travelling the short distance from Burtonport. The harbour at Burtonport, Co. Donegal regularly supplies an abundance of fresh fish for Oysters, from Lobster, Red Snapper and Crab with Kevin himself, making the journey to secure the produce. Here at Oysters our aim is to provide the best of local, sustainable produce, thereby strengthening our local links with the Harbour Master, Manus at Burtonport as well as many of our other local suppliers.

Kevin and Harbour Master, Manus at Burtonport
Kevin and Harbour Master, Manus at Burtonport

The fish cake has been carefully crafted with fresh herbs to enable the flavours of the smoked mackerel to percolate onto the palate. Paired with a caper dressing, this is a must for lovers of fresh fish.

A fried hen’s egg tastefully finishes off this dish, creating a homely helping of flavours, perfect for the winter days that are upon us.

Oysters daily special – £7.50 (served with a choice of potato)

Check out the rest of our lunch menu here