As we wave goodbye to 2015, we say hello to a bright 2016

By Michaela Clarke

As we enter into a new chapter in 2016, we say goodbye to a fabulous year at Oysters Restaurant.

2015 kicked off with one of our famous Food and Wine Tasting Evenings. To reflect the season, fresh Oysters, paired with a fabulous Sauvignon Blanc, was one of the dishes on offer. In addition, in November past, we held a Game and Wine Tasting Evening to also coincide with seasonality.

January and February are crucial months in the business. This is when time and effort is spent in drawing-up menus as well as the whole team coming together to discuss and developing new ideas for the year ahead. This year will be no different as Niall will base his new menu ideas on the best of local fresh fish and meat delicacies to suit the evolving seasons.

Having been listed as one of Northern Ireland’s top five restaurants in 2015 at the LCN Awards, the year was off to another great start and prompted an enhanced strive in both kitchen and front house to become better and initiate new challenges, by way of delivering an even better dining experience for our customers. In addition, being listed again, as a member of the Taste of Ulster for seven years running is always an achievement each year that we gladly welcome.


Kevin & Caroline at the LCN Awards Ceremony 2015

Mid-way through the year we once again welcomed children and their families celebrating either Holy Communion or the Holy Spirit, all with that personalised touch that Oysters offers.

As the year progresses from Spring to Summer, the menu at Oysters comes alive with an array of fresh seafood, made possible by Kevin’s personal trips to Burtonport Harbour every few days to hand-pick the freshest of fish from the boats. Lobster is a highly anticipated dish that many customers look forward to indulging in, season permitting. Building this, Oysters appeared at the Flavours of the Foyle Festival during the summer months, showcasing the cookery skills of our talented chefs.

Summer witnessed the emergence of yet another, Wine Tasting Evening enticing patrons to sample a taste of what the team at Oysters envisions as true Summer cuisine. This evening also marked the significant 50th birthday of Kevin, thereby turning the night into even more of a magical celebration!


Celebrating Kevin’s 50th Birthday!

In October we were ecstatic when it was brought to our attention that we received this spectacular review in The Irish News and are extremely grateful for their kind comments.


The Irish News review

Winter is probably one of the most loved seasons at Oysters in regards to menus. Venison, pheasant and woodcock become the mainstay of menus at this time of year. Many customers share this same passion and annually anticipate the coming of Winter.

Our year always comes to an end with our renowned New Years Eve Gala. The highlight of this year’s menu was the ‘Egg and Soldiers’ dessert, constructed by Niall to resemble the breakfast favourite. One diner commented,

“The chef deserves a standing ovation for the dessert”

This penultimate course lent well to the previous dishes on the menu as the mango and vanilla crème pat filled egg shell, finishing off the evening with a light fruity dessert to complement the palate. The ‘soldiers’ element of the dessert was constructed from home-made shortbread and white and chocolate sugar disguised as salt and pepper to give the dish its authentic look. Check out a selection of the dishes on offer below.


Egg and Soldiers


Pan-Roasted Beef Fillet & Short Rib


Pan-Fried Turbot & Maple Glazed Chicken Wing


Scallops with Pork Belly

Here at Oysters, we are excitedly anticipating for Northern Ireland’s Year of Food 2016 which has kicked off with January being breakfast month. Make sure to keep up-to-date with our latest posts to find out more in the coming months, lots of exciting food creations to deliver the monthly themes at Oysters.

As we now welcome the New Year 2016, we gratefully thank all our valued patrons for their custom and continuing support. – Kevin & Caroline Clarke



It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

By Michaela Clarke

Christmas is fast approaching and it is a time to share love and joy with friends and family. With an indulgence in memorable food and tantalising wine, Oysters is the perfect venue for the festive celebrations.


As well as our usual Lunch and A la Carte menus we also offer a set Christmas Lunch and Dinner menu, to get everyone in the festive mood.

If you are out and about doing some Christmas shopping why not pop in for a hot roast dinner. As the weather is beginning to get a lot colder, we need time-out to recuperate!

Our ever popular Christmas Eve lunch is filling up fast so if you are interested in unwinding just before the Christmas festivities begin and fancy some complimentary mulled wine, made by Kevin himself on Christmas Eve morning, then pop in the midst of the hustle and bustle that this day brings and take time out.

The staff and management at Oysters looks forward to seeing everyone over the Christmas period and hopes everyone enjoys their celebrations.


Game & Wine Tasting Evening

By Michaela Clarke

Oysters Game & Wine Tasting evening was a massive success. With diners staying well into the evening to experience the musical talents of Ronan Doherty.

The night began with an Apéritif made by Kevin himself, then after choosing starter, main course and dessert our patrons could relax and allow us to tend all evening.

Starters consisted of a Game Terrine, made up of Duck, Pheasant and Woodcock or Roast Breast of Wood Pigeon, elegantly matched by Charles Robb to bring out the fruity flavours of the dishes.

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Charles described how, “We build the wine up in weight.”

So the wine selection started off quite light and as the menu progressed it became darker in colour with more body in each glass to further enhance the palate.

Following on was the the Soup Course, ‘White Bean, Parsley & Parmesan Soup served with homemade bread. This was paired with the South African, Boland Reserve Chenin Blanc which went down a treat!

For Main Course everyone had a choice of either ‘Stuffed Breast of Pheasant’, ‘Roast Loin of Venison’ or ‘Pan-fried John Dory’.

Venison was off course the main selection of the evening, being the most sought-after and well loved game dish. The wine pairing of Micini Nero Davola, a rich, juicy and ripe in medium body wine, originating from Sicily coupled with cherry flavours and black pepper notes stole the show last night. Many diners were raving about the wine and even purchased some to relax over.

To finish off the evening customers could at their ease enjoy their Dessert and Cheese Course as Ronan began to play a selection of his music.



Nearly Wine Tasting Time

By Michaela Clarke

In under a week our much anticipated Game & Wine Tasting Evening will be underway. Both front of house and kitchen staff are looking forward to this event as it is an opportunity for staff to participate in something different, not just your usual service.

Kevin has been busy this week, liaising with Charles Robb, of Robb Brothers Wine Merchants in order to supply customers with an exquisite selection of wine for the evening.


Meanwhile, Niall takes charge in the kitchen of menu matters. The finalisation of the menu will take place this week as our head chef makes some final touches to taste.


**Menu Preview** ‘Roast Breast of Woodpigeon’ served with fig tart, rocket and thyme jus to start and for main you can look forward to, ‘Roast Loin of Venison’ with butternut squash, roast salsify, curly kale and juniper berry jus.

You’ll have to wait until next Friday to find out what else is on!

As our guests look forward to next Friday, we look forward to welcoming you all to a wonderful evening of great wine and fine cuisine.

Game and Wine Tasting Evening – 27th November 2015

By Michaela Clarke

We are pleased to announce that on Friday 27th November we will be hosting a Game and Wine Tasting Evening. As many know, this night is highly renowned with many customers constantly asking “when is the next game night?” Well put 27th November in your diary and get booked in as soon as possible. With high demand, booking is essential.

The evening consists of a five course, set menu wherein you get to sample all delicacies through from pigeon, venison and pheasant, all locally sourced. Each course is then accompanied with a finely selected wine to complement the game. A representative from Robb Brothers, our wine supplier actively roams the restaurant, educating our patrons on the selected wine and why it has been deliberately chosen. It is an excellent experiment for the restaurant itself as Kevin can gain much appreciated feedback on the wine which ultimately make their way onto the wine list. Having won Best Wine Experience in 2014, Oysters is well-equipped to host this event.


Oysters invites you to come along and allow your palate to savour the culinary delights of our Master Chef, Niall Gorham. Each course is complimented by a veritable wine matching and sampling experience.

Niall Gorham, our head chef, takes great delight in sourcing game. An avid hunter himself, he takes pride in cooking venison, pheasant or pigeon, to name a few, pairing venison with braised red cabbage, roasted butternut squash with a butternut puree and wild mushroom jus.

Our diary is marked

Our diary is marked, is yours?

Keep a close eye on how our preparations are going …

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